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All teas are available in fabric bags of 50 and 100g. The color of the bags in tissue presented here is purely indicative.If the proposed prices are rather homogeneous; this results from our will to make discover you all the varieties produced to Ilam, whatever is the reality of the variable costs of production.

  • Lemon tea, thé à la citronnelle, thé pas cher

    Lemongrass tea

    Tea with lemongrass, and a little tasty bark of citrus.

  • fleurs de jasmin

    Jasmine tea

    Jasmine tea, to very florals and fruity aromas.

  • Pétales de rose dans le thé, pour les gourmets

    Rose tea

    The rose tea, delicate scent and subtle taste.

  • Ilam rhododendron black tea

    Rhododendron tea

    Specialty of the Nepal, this tea have a delectable flavour with flower of rhododendron.

  • Yogi tea

    Yogi tea

    Ilam black tea scented with spices and rare herbs. Excellent, a creamy and original scent.

  • fraicheur du thé à la menthe

    Mint tea

    Traditional black tea of Ilam whose aroma and flavor are underlined by the refined note of mint.

  • Masala milk tea ctc

    Tea with masala, best with a little milk

    Tea with flavour of masala, a slightly spicy original flavor that will transport you in Asia.

  • thé noir au gingembre

    Ginger tea

    Traditional black tea which the aroma and flavor are underlined by the refined spicynote of ginger.

  • Thé noir à la cardamome

    Cardamom tea

    Cardamom tea, wonderfull spice grown in the Nepal.